About Us

Neymally is a leading manufacturer and distributor of kids’ apparel in Malaysia with unique designs and motifs which is catered and tailored to meet the satisfaction of the customers’ needs and specifications. We specialize in designing, manufacturing and distributing woven high quality apparel for girls from toddlers to 12 year old with top notch quality end products constantly in our endeavors.We strive to handpick the best materials which are soft and fine vis-à-vis , Satin, Cotton, Chiffon and Silk which are apparently outsourced from overseas such as China, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Japan. The colors of the materials are chosen and handpicked to match the designs on the apparels according to the customers’ requirement. The array of dresses which we weave are meant for all occasions, be it casual or party dresses and to adapt to various weather conditions.


As colorful dresses with abstract designs are meant to be self-inspiring on the part of the costume wearer, it also emanates a pleasant outlook and an omnipresent beauty. This implies that we are continuously seeking new and vintage designs as part of our strategy to expand our business locally and globally.


To this end, we have the state of the art sewing machines and professional tailors who display diligence and hard work throughout the process and we take great pride in their creativities and efficiencies. The added feature in our apparels are, we allow for seam expansions for the costumes to be worn by children for a long term as they inevitably grow up in physique.


With our distribution outlets in Malaysia and manned by professional customer friendly staffs, we reckon that we had gained a worthy foothold in children’s apparels to suit for all environmental facades.


Retrospectively speaking, I had a natural inclination towards children and fashion from a very young age. To further spice up my yearnings, I, in collaboration with my younger sibling and Australian partner endeavored to do extensive researches by reading magazines and articles which focused on children’s apparels, particularly for girls. Our empirical values added some weight to the thought of transforming our concepts into reality. Hence the establishment of NEYMALLY in the year 2013 and have been growing ever since.


We emphatically believe that NEYMALLY is a game changer in the way a child appears grandiosely in her apparels designed and woven by us.